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Falegnameria Arte Antica - History, current events and perspective

The modern and valuable artisan activity of the Arte Antica carpentry, which represents a consolidated, qualified and much appreciated reality, continues to draw inspiration from the long tradition started in the post-war period by Enrico Cicanecchia, an extraordinary figure of a creative, versatile and scrupulous artisan , which has always placed the seriousness, honesty and correctness in the execution of the work, at the easy profit.

Enrico Cicanecchia began to work wood in the construction of farm wagons, highly appreciated by local farmers, to then move on to the realization and marketing of furniture, allowing several generations, from the 50s onwards, to give quality to their life with fine furnishings, worked with art and with passion.

The inspiration, the imagination, the competence, the seriousness and meticulous care of detail, which characterized the work of Enrico, still constitute the fundamental and peculiar aspects that distinguish the craftsmanship of his son Tonino and his nephew Mario , which have been able to wisely combine tradition and innovation, in permanent dialogue with the needs of users and with the most advanced research in the field of design.

It is in this sense that the denomination "Ancient Art" means to mean respect and attention to a crafted past, which represents a story of generations animated by the same and true passion for woodworking, in a perspective of evolution and innovation of shapes and processing systems.

From the meeting with the architect Duilio Leonio a new collection is born, animated by simple but continuous lines, which allow to give the modern design the continuity with the past and the charm of the typically crafted workmanship.

This collaboration between artisan experience and high-profile design allows us to envisage research and design projects ranging from the entire architectural system to the small piece of furniture, in a journey that is always the most rigorous in the execution of the works and absolute respect for customer needs also in terms of facilitating access for all to exclusive and undisputed quality furnishings.

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